On the world market there are many companies that own the rights to the following items:

- brands;

- media content, including TV content;

- developing of entertainment and educational games for the web and mobile platforms combining technology, art and design;

- developing programs for such games;

- platforms for such games;

- show programs;

There are also companies dealing with the following activities:

- creation of the image for the third parties;

- animation studios specializing in writing screenplays, photoscript, shooting films, animation and post-production;

- incubation centers of digital technologies;

- creation of educational police programs imitating real life situations;

- creation of digital advertising for mobile applications;

- high tech 3D Graphic Studios with situation simulating and montage;

- creation of custom-designed plotlines;

- online consulting and project management;

- copyright registration in the third countries;

- online payments;

- brand marketing and project marketing;

- creation of programs for font modification;

- supply of payment services;

- creation of organizational platforms for the content industry for the content-interested companies, educational institutions, business and state bodies for cooperation between industry and governmental bodies;

- creation of games, movies, design of industrial objects, objects of medical diagnostics created with using visual computing and platforms for scientific research;

- creation of branded toys;


- marketing research in the interests of the companies-owners of the rights in Russia in order to find users of these rights (brands, characters from various cartoons, shows, media content, educational and training programs, games for mobile phones and etc.);

- representation of interests of the companies on the territory of Russia and to conclude licensing agreements for direct consumers in the interests of the companies-owners of the rights;

- registration of copyright abroad;

- obtaining of rights from international publishers for publishing books on the territory of the Russian Federation;

- representation of interests of the creators of new show programs in searching for foreign investors for realization of the programs and project marketing;

If you are interested in cooperation with these companies, you can always contact our specialists by phone numbers and addresses given in the OUR CONTACTS section of our website.