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Our company is always aware of the world's novelties.
Work at international exhibitions is one of the most important areas in our activity.

November 16-18, 2016 at VDNH hosts the international exhibition NAT EXPO.
<p>General Director of our company Valentina Kovalenko made a speech, the theme of which is Attention! Copyright will remain copyright in 50 years

HeliRussia 2015

8th International Helicopter
Industry Exhibition
May 21 - 23

International Broadcast Content Market MOSCOW TELESHOW

International Trade Fair for Children - Childhood / Kids Russia in 2015

International specialized exhibition of goods for children "Childhood" is the leading professional exhibition of children's goods in Russia.

As the most promising and fastest growing exhibition game industry in Eastern Europe, it is the most important platform for business cooperation of companies engaged in the industry and your entrance ticket to the Russian market of children's goods.

DISCOP Istanbul 2015

DISCOP Istanbul 2015 was held from 24 to 26 February 2015 in LUTFI KIRDAR ICEC, the most convenient venue in Istanbul.

Istanbul is at the epicenter of TV content, production and distribution across the region, the rich history of trade and cultural exchanges: the former Silk Road.

DISCOP Istanbul is held for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the CIS countries, which account for over 20% of world income of entertainment content.

17th International Exhibition and Forum CSTB'2015 BE
Exhibition and Forum CSTB has long been recognized by industry professionals television and Telecommunications as the most significant event in the field of electronic media in Russia and the CIS. The annual success of this event is directly related to the dynamic structure of the organization of the exposition, where everything is new and rapidly developing technologies in the field of TV and telecommunications presented at the forefront in all aspects of the exhibition, Forum and related activities. Over the years, CSTB acquired the status of "windows" through which you can look into the future and know what decisions, technologies and business ideas will own minds vendors, developers and users as soon, and in the long run.

At the beginning of January 2015 had one of the largest exhibitions HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL LICENSING SHOW, which brought together More than 250 participants willing to share their experiences in licensing and promotion of brands.

November 11, 2014 General Director of "NPP SK MOST" Ltd Kazarian Wilgelm celebrated its anniversary.

Company "NPP SK MOST" Ltd one of the largest companies in the field of bridge construction, more than 10 years is our regular customer and partner. General direktor Wilgelm Kazarian November 11, 2014 celebrated its 50-year anniversary.

The celebration took place at the “Ice Palace “Arena” Balashikha. Came to congratulate Wilgelm Kazarian leaders of many government organizations Balashikha, as well as representatives of major construction and industrial associations in Russia.

27 - October 28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates international exhibitionLICENSING DUBAI
General Director of "GRAIN CONSALTEX" Kovalenko Valentina took an active part in the exhibition. Valentina held successful talks on cooperation in the sale and promotion of brands with many companies, representatives of Morocco, Malaysia, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Korea and many others.