Carrying out patent searches

Patent research

Defining the tendencies for development of a technology

information search for trade marks

When to do patent researches?

Before your start serious work, it is necessary to find out information about all the previously existing technical, constructive and design decisions in the field. For this purpose a patent search is needed. A patent search can be the source of valuable information about already patented inventions and for the future analytic research:

To estimate the technical level of the invention

To estimate the current patent situation

To define the character of the national industry

To obtain information about a company’s area of activity and business profile

To detect the license activity of suppliers, manufacturers and competitors

To find out the trade marks of the competitors

To analyze the frequency of patents

A patent research must be performed according to the document GOST 15.011-96 “Patent research”

When it is necessary to carry out a patent research and in what volume?

An attention should be paid to those patents that can prevent your entering the markets of the countries concerned.

It is quite possible that you will need to find out the most advanced decisions of the competitor companies which in the nearest future will define the technical level of the similar products.

A search for similar or concurrent patents helps to know the countries to which the competitor companies are going to supply their product.

If you need to understand what patents your competitors register, a search of companies is needed to be carried out.

If you need to patent your invention or an industrial design or to register a utility model, you will need to be aware of the analogs and prototypes.


Before you apply for registration of a trade mark we recommend to do an information search to find out identical or confusingly similar trade marks with a the earlier priority date.

Preliminary examination is necessary because in the case of rejection to register your application as a trade mark, the official fees and the patent attorney fee will not be refund.

Besides, it is a frequent situation when an applicant applies for registration and starts to actively promote and use the applied designation and spends considerable money for that, but after the examination it appears that the application can not be registered as a trade mark.


- search only for registered trade marks in the databases of Federal Institute of industrial property of Russian Federation

- search for registered trade marks and applied trade mark applications in the automated database of Federal Institute of industrial property of Russian Federation

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